We Can Bear-ly Contain It!

Ethan Eagle gives Buster Bear a Bird's-Eye View of the Inlet

Arrested Development!

Buster Bear’s Busted at The Vancouver Police Museum

Life is a Highway!

Buster Bear Travels to Burrard Inlet's North Shore

In partnership with: Museum of North Vancouver, Port of Vancouver

In this next episode of “Go West, Young Bear, A Buster Bear Adventure”, Captain Nemo sends Buster on a quest around Vancouver. He gets zapped onto the Seabus, en route to North Vancouver, which is where the Port of Vancouver got its start. Buster learns about First Nations settlements in the area, and the history of Moodyville, and its famous mill. He runs into Steve Adore, who’s looking into the story of his ancestor Joe, who once worked the docks as a longshoreman. After a guest appearance by Topper the Topmost Mouse, Steve and Joe head off for lunch. Meanwhile, Captain Nemo looks on, ready to give Buster some “bear-spective”.
Special note: This MOM (Multimedia Outreach Module) is the first in a two part story arc that was developed in partnership with the Museum of North Vancouver, and the Port of Vancouver. Stay tuned for part 2, and more Buster Bear adventures!

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