Life is a Highway!

Buster Bear Travels to Burrard Inlet's North Shore

Honey, I Shrunk the Bear!

Buster Buzzes Through the Victoria Bug Zoo

Arrested Development!

Buster Bear’s Busted at The Vancouver Police Museum

In partnership with: Vancouver Police Museum

Buster's stuck in a jail cell, and robot officer RU-Safe-2 is charging him with every crime in Vancouver's History. He's been framed! Buster's pal Jerry Muskrat suspects that the villain Bobby Raccoon is behind it, and so he and RU-Safe-2 search for clues to clear his name. They race through the Vancouver Police Museum, located in the old Coroner’s Court and City Analyst’s laboratory, where crimes were investigated for over 50 years. Today there are exhibits on youth and policing, on women in policing (Lurancy Harris and Minnie Millar were the first female police officers in Canada) and even the old Morgue! Buster examines the evidence and proves Bobby Raccoon did it... but now he has to catch him, all while finding a bear essence for Captain Nemo!

Special note: This MOM (Multimedia Outreach Module) was developed in partnership with the Vancouver Police Museum. Stay tuned for more Buster Bear adventures around British Columbia's Lower Mainland!